Google+ and your privacy


Google+ is Woolworths Group’s social collaboration platform designed to encourage sharing, capture knowledge, enable action and increase engagement between Woolworths’ Team Members across all divisions.

With Google+ being a public social collaboration platform, we want to provide you with information on how it works and how you can use it in ways that will help protect your privacy and the reputation of our company.

Read this information carefully and then continue with the activation process using the button at the bottom of this page.

What is Google+ used for?

Having a Google+ account enables you to post news and upload photos and videos to Google+ communities. Google+ communities are places you can join to meet and interact with people and see what is happening in Woolworths and in your business. A Woolworths Google+ account also provides a gateway to Team Member systems (e.g. The People Portal).

Who can view your Google+ profile?

When you register for a Google+ account, you will have a public profile that will be able to be viewed both within and outside Woolworths Group. You may, however, choose to hide your profile. For further details on how to do this and how to further protect your privacy, please see “Tips to safeguard your privacy” below.

Who can see your posts on Google+?

If you create a post within the Woolworths Group Google+ network, only Woolworths Group Team Members will be able to see your post. However, if you post publicly (i.e. to external communities), anyone on Google+ will be able to view your post. For more information about limiting who you post to, see the section below on "How to identify who you are connecting with on Google+".

Can I use my Woolworths Google+ account to post publicly?

Your Woolworths Google+ account is intended for the purpose of communicating within the Woolworths Group Google+ network. If you use your Woolworths Google+ account to post publicly, it will be visible to anyone with a Google+ account the world over - please keep the Social Media Guidelines in mind when communicating about our company online.

Click here for the guidelines which are a component of our Code of Conduct and explain the requirements of each Team Member when it comes to Social Media.

Tips to safeguard your privacy
  • When enrolling in Google+, make sure to choose to hide your profile. You can do this by choosing to opt out from being publicly visible under “Settings” on the Google+ Home Page. For more information, please refer to the Google+ FAQs.
  • Restrict your posts to only be viewed by Woolworths’ Team Members - see the information in the section "How to identify who you are connecting with on Google+" below.
  • Do not add non-Woolworths Team Members to your Google+ Circles.
  • We strongly recommend that you don’t use your Woolworths Google+ account to join external Google+ Communities.


For further information on how your personal information will be handled, please see Google’s Privacy Policy

Note: If you get added by someone outside the organisation that you don’t know, it is suggested that you don’t add them to your circles. This will ensure that by default they will not see anything that you post.


How to identify who you are connecting with on Google+


To get more infomation about how to identify who you are connecting with on Google+ click here.